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The Intelligent Pursuit of Self~Discovery! Part 16


“I belong to the divine source from which I originated.”

Your soul doesn't care what you do for a living-and when your life is over,neither will you.Your soul cares only about what you are being while you are doing whatever you are doing.

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i have listened to this over and over again. every time i listen to it i hear something new and every time it comes to me so beautifully and so poetically. every philosophy playlist you have complied have changed little parts of my life. I listen to these while i work, do chores, cook, even run. Keep making beautiful work :)

@srosecardella Thank you for your kind words and for listening. You honor and bless me and I am grateful for the opportunity to share. You have inspired me with your message. Blessings :)

I have been listening to your mixes for quite some time now, I love them. I don't know where you get them and frankly, I don't care, as long as they keep coming. I play them before and after a long day at work and it keeps me moving on. i

Love this series, keep it up. Can you tell me which movie "One of the Best Speeches Ever Produced In A Movie" is from?

And Another Earth is one of the best movies ever. Thanks!

Thank you for making the time to listen! I am happy you enjoy the content of this series. Deep Peace and Love.

The movie Title: 'Fair Game' 2010 biographical spy drama film directed by Doug Liman and starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.

You are most welcome :)

So good. I've always loved listening to these playlists and I can honestly say they have touched my life in measures I cannot describe. thank you

Wow! That is profound to read that and I am truly blessed by your kind words and to know that this inspired creation series has made a lasting positive impact in your life. I offer you freedom and liberation of all fear that you may draw ever closer to a truth that will set you free, and make you whole. You're welcome, and I humbly thank you for making the time to listen, for being open to receive. Blessings :)

Thank You Bro

This mix is BEYOND perfect, must be listened by every individual on this beautiful planet of ours thanks to this amazing one one of a kind Great Human Being Sharing Wisdom and most importantly Caring for one another thanks to his time and efforts in creating this wonderful mix filled with maximum motivation, empowerment and encouragement, Kindly Appreciate it like always Mr Legend.

Thank you for listening and for your kind words my brother and friend.

Namaste ~ I see you as I AM and I AM Love, so I see Love in you ~ Deep Peace and Gentle Grace ~ Many Blessings ~ Blessed Be-ing ~ In Lak'esh I AM another yourself ~ WE are ONE ~ There is no other.
“Thinking of you where ever you are-
We pray for our sorrows to end
and hope that our hearts will blend
now I will step forward to realize this wish-
And who knows
starting a new journey may not be so hard
or maybe it's already begun-
There are many worlds
but they share the same sky
one sky one destiny-”
― Shiro Amano, Kingdom Hearts, Vol. 2