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The Intelligent Pursuit of Self~Discovery! Part 7

6 comments on The Intelligent Pursuit of Self~Discovery! Part 7

juat to let you know. the pursuit of self collaborations have helped steer my life in ways i barely can believe. much thanks! cant wait for #16!!!!

Thank you for listening! I draw great inspiration from comments like this to know of the impact this series has made in others hearts and lives. I am honored, and humbled before you, a friend, and brother in quest of a truth, and a love that would set me free, infinitely and eternally. In The Intelligent Pursuit of Self-Discovery. This comment inspires me to create a #16. Coming Soon! :)

Thank you for listening! I am in joy in my self feeling gratitude for the opportunity to share, and to know that these playlists are making a lasting positive impact in others lives. What a gift!~ Namaste ~ I bow to your true self.

Great mix. other mixes marked inspirational often feature many of the same speeches, but not this one :). It's a nice change. But I feel cheated by it saying 24 tracks, when it's just 8 tracks running 3 times.

This has got to be one of the absolute best series I have ever listened to. I have shared this with a good number of friends, and they never cease to be amazed. Please keep this great thing going

That is beautiful,. thank you so much for sharing, and for listening. I aim to reflect your kindness in full, in love and in light, and may you journey well my friend(s); to far unknown places full of beauty, mystery, and wonder!