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Rainy People


some people are rain. some people are deserts. but people are just people.

this was recorded entirely on my phone. i didn't care about hitting notes. i didn't care about sound quality. all i cared about were the words i was singing. i wrote the first seven songs on this album in one day, and the rest over the next week. this album means a lot to me and i'm actually really proud of it.

"rosé" is my side-project name. i don't know why i didn't just put my name on it, but i felt like it needed another name. so i made another name.

all songs belong to me. if stolen or readapted in any way, i will find you and i will come after you, legally. i care a lot about my work and i take it very seriously. not to be super uptight and paranoid. but i will find you.

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