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feel where we collide

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UGH. syd... this mix... slayed me :( so first off your mixes are always the greatest in 2 respects, a) having a super good cohesive sound and b) having a rly good sense of like, narrative and storytelling, and this is NO EXCEPTION. GOD going from "led astray by the moon [...] daylight is gone, i'm coming home" to "in another life i am with you / it's a sacrifice and i miss you" to the entirety of "been watching images from the station / earth one from satellites / all streaming / feels slow at seventeen thousand miles an hour / you could be anywhere / on the black screen". fml! in general this mix has sucha symmetrical vibe and the sound is such a perfect spacey droney retrofuturist synthfest, it all comes together so perfectly. they were in love. and it hurts :( specific shoutouts to silver car crash, land of all, and black screen for killing me like that.

also THAT TRANSITION BETWEEN TRACKS 11 AND 12, T-H-O. anyways it's just all so choice! and in conclusion thank u for giving me context to appreciate this beaut, what a fitting tribute to this movie on its birthday!! <3 also hit me up with that download LINKKKkk.

(sorry if you have email notifs turned on it took me a couple tries to get this to send aghgh)

@otp Thank u for this comment!!! tbh I had a lot of problems with this tracklist (Red was the original opener..) so I'm happy you mentioned symmetry. I think it mirrors (ha) nicely the complicated relationship these two had. STILL HAVE. IN COSMIC MEASURES. And same I keep hitting enter and not realizing that's going to send the entire damn comment lol. Thanks again <3