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SYD, THIS MIX CHANGED MY LIFE. and I’m leaving u a long ass comment so here we go.

the tone of all the earlier songs is very disorienting and unsettling, and i love it a lot and it makes me think of both johnny and gyro almost like dissociating bc of grief/confusion/everything yk. there’s a lot of dissonance in the songs too that i love for the obvious reasons of gyro (and johnny tbh..) not being quite Right. and then as it goes on, there’s this very bittersweet feeling about, well, sorry,.. but their desperate cosmic love and it’s so much?

all the lyric annotations were spot-on, so i won’t even mention those bc you already know those are good lmao. but here are just a few lyrics i was TAKEN ABACK by. i gasped at one point for rl

“the desert comes alive, when no one is home”
“autumn hurts far less than sticks, / knowing winter’s five feet tall”
“torn from the moment / of weeping in dust”
“we can bury our heads in our rooms and our beds”
“upon our interrupted hearts / finally a flame unwraps in me” (OH…)
“some things seem clear the further you get / and you my dear are all that i have left”
“put your best face on and say i’m the real thing”

and i knew it was going to happen, but “you don’t know me” came into my home and killed my entire family. “no eyes” cleaned the scene and got rid of the evidence

this is genius syd and i cried so genuinely over these cowboys. this comment is embarrassing tbh, but this is probably my favorite mix of yours and idk how i even said this much much bc i feel speechless!!!

@psychohelmetcult MEL, this is not embarrassing!! it makes the months (almost years, plural X_X) i spent agonizing over this completely worth it. what you brought up pretty much nails what i was going for lyrically and sonically, and i'm glad it got through! i like to think of you don't know me / no eyes / dust as the climax of this story (tangent: i remember when I was still apprehensive about this mix and this concept as it kind of felt like it negated everything that happened in canon up to valentine's offer, but when son lux put out bones last year that was my This Is It!!!! moment) and then everything that follows as a consolidation of sorts of memories and feelings for "that" gyro with the reality of "this" gyro... (ah, identity shite) And then just toss it all into the sweet unknown with oblivion. I want to write wintersleep personally to thank them for "tension undying here / soft and familiar" aka the crux of this entire mix. I'm so glad you liked it, you can honestly thank yourself for the fact that I saw this to completion ^_^