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Champion Boss


For when you need to feel like you're the boss in the region. Battle/Fast Paced music from video games and some anime.

  • Battle! (Champion) by Jun'ichi Masuda, Shota Kageyama & GAME FREAK
  • Battle 1 by 植松伸夫
  • Cynthia Battle [XY Remix] by Kehkyz
  • Gourmet Race (Kirby Super Star) by Dethraxx
  • Child of Light Boss Theme Choir by LivingHitokiri
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl Final Destination by JuansChapel
  • Boss by Mini
  • Black Sheep [bonus track] by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World- The Clash at Demonhead
  • Cave Story Main Theme (Plantation) by Cave Story
  • Cornered (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) by Mr Fucking Lex
  • Mario & Luigi: Inside Story Final Boss Fight with Bowser by Sakotius
  • Boss Fight [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Nostalgia
  • Danger Mountain by Anamanaguchi
  • Doombox by Lethal League OST
  • Bayonetta Soundtrack The Greatest Jubilee (Final Boss Theme) by Karen Beau Pre
  • she is a witch by Karijou
17 tracks
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I love this !! My only criticism is that Black Sheep seems quite underwhelming after Cynthia Battle, so maybe the order of those should be considered? Regardless, the playlist is pretty great :D