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Josh 'Fucked Up' Washington


Josh sat huddled somewhere in the dark where he did not know where he was nor how much time he had already spent there. He could identify this Wendigo as his sister Hannah who vanished from the mountain a year ago. He recognized that in the moment when he was pulled from the water. At first he thought she was a hallucination. Finally she put Josh here, wherever "here" was,and disappeared. He weighed back and forth in panic. His thoughts were running wild. At the thought of what has become of his beloved sister Hannah, he began to weep bitterly. He weighed back and forth. The darkness engulfed the rest of the time Josh was trapped. Just until she returned and with a limp body dragged by her side.

Tumblr link (plus full flash): http://wendi-no.tumblr.com/post/132658463128/

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