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fix me | K I L L M E


"sometimes i feel as if my existence is just a promise unkept,
set aside under the pretense it was made without thought; without the intention of keeping it.
and that should the person who made it, ever truly try to right that wrong,
i would disappear.
a promise fulfilled, is a promise no more."
-- if truth is fated to fade away; i would rather be a lie.

a bit of a personal mix, rp mix and general character mix all wrapped into one.
cover art by me.

hints of komahina and mental illness(suicide ideation specifically)

(please don't add to kin or ID mixes/collections this is VERY PERSONAL TO ME)

13 tracks
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It's a great playlist, but I don't understand the choice of adding a cover of Brain Revolution Girl. The original is perfectly fine. Better, in my opinion, because it doesn't involve a rap.

@CFVY0 Well, your opinions yours, dude. I added it because it fit for me(since I specified this was partially a rp mix as well as a personal one)and I didn't make it for critique.