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What the Water Gave Me


Songs for those carried away by the water. Includes artists like Regina Spektor and Jonsi.

  • The Island: Come and See / The Landlord’s Daughter / You’ll Not Feel the Drowning by The Decemberists
    "Go to sleep now, little ugly. Go to sleep now, little fool. You'll not feel the drowning."
  • Buried In Water (Dead Man's Bones Official Website) by le0nard0h0
    "Like a lamb to the slaughter, buried in water."
  • Genius Next Door by Regina Spektor
    "Some said the local lake had been enchanted. Others said it must have been the weather...In the morning, film crews start arriving with donuts, coffee, and reporters..."
  • Sinking Friendships by Jónsi
  • 06 - Daniel Cowman by lucuma
    "Filling up the bathtub, getting ready to go in for a swim, I says 'No - you're gonna drown!'And he says 'No - I can't drown. Simply because a man destined to hang can never drown.'"
  • What the Water Gave Me by Florence + the Machine
    "Lay me down./Let the only sound/Be the overflow./Pockets full of stones."
  • 02 White Daisy Passing by rudygajadhar
    "I'm going to sleep on the bottom of the ocean.../There's a secret place that I know where I could dig a grave out."
  • Hoist the Colours (Cover) Full Song with Music.mp3 by sparrow-jack
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