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A most melodious sound


It was upon a Sommers shynie day...
She bath'd her brest, the boyling heat t'allay;
She bath'd with roses red, and violets blew,
And all the sweetest flowers, that in the forrest grew

- Edmund Spenser, 'Faerie Queene'

Cover: detail from Botticelli's Primavera

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This is the best Early Music mix I've ever heard. It has been on continuous rotation. Idril, what is your background? You really do a great job curating mixes.

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm delighted you enjoy this. My background? Well, I come from a very musical family with a lot of Irish and folk influences, I also used to play classical violin, which gave me a love of classical music and I am a medieval/Renaissance literary studies graduate student. My heart is in the sounds and imaginations of the past, in truth :)

Thankyou so much for sharing your amazing mixes with us idril, your very generous and your tastes in music and of the arts such as the written intros you hav to each mix, aswel as the pictures are also exquisite, if it's a reflection of your character you surely must be a beautifully magical woman,

Hello my dear unicorn, I'm sorry it took me a while to reply, sometimes I just miss comments - but I'd like to thank you for yours, you are very sweet ♥

From the moment I became aware of early music decades ago I have loved it's simple beauty. But the simplicity itself requires intense musicality to bring out the extraordinary feel of this music. And you have ably chosen recordings with musicians who are capable of just that. To me that is more important than whether the music recreates the performance practices of the era from which the music arises (though nothing wrong with that either). Thanks so much.

I completely agree, early music requires such a careful balance of scholarship and genuine passion (and I'm of the opinion that the passion is the most important part). Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you share my love of early music.