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A Terminator in Asia


[10 tracks of East Asian style beats]

Black streets slick with rain, a choking fear; facing hard, unrepentant mechanical beauty. And as she moves towards you, you realise that you are witnessing a state of immaculate calm, coiled violence and effortless perfection.

10 tracks
8 comments on A Terminator in Asia

3 tracks in and loving this mix. seriously.

have you seen the movie Fallen Angels from Hong Kong? trust me. see it.

I haven't seen Fallen Angels, but I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the rec.
I listened to the Samurai Showdown a while back and LOVED it, I can't believe I never got round to the Dragon Vs Buddha. Right on my to-be-listened list.
Glad you're liking this one. :)

Hahah! Easy to forget. Re-reading my comment I think I listened to both in one go actually but hey I remember loving them so gonna give 'em another listen anyway. :D