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A Winter Hymnal

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@Idril Instead of sending files to people (you may get in trouble) - you can actually request 8tracks to use your version. From their FAQs: "We've been streaming directly from SoundCloud whenever possible to reduce our bandwidth. If you feel the match is not up to par, you can flag it as incorrect and we'll play your orignal upload.

To make the change, go to the "edit" page of your mix, and click edit for the specific track. Finally, flag the SoundCloud match as correct or incorrect. Or you can write to for additional assistance." Love your stuff!

Thank you for your advice on that :) However the problem wasn't soundcloud replacement, but rather the fact that the song I used was not available to buy/listen to anywhere outside the UK. So had I not sent it then someone who really enjoyed the song would not have been able to listen to it outside of 8tracks ever, and it's not as if any artists/record companies lost money if they weren't trying to sell it properly in the first place. I assure you I buy all my music and encourage anyone else to do the same, but it's unfortunately not always possible to purchase it :(

I'm actually kind of stressed now! The first song is SO AMAZINGLY well done! But the Youtube link isn't the same quality or sound, and the Itunes link goes to a podcast :( can you host it some other way perhaps? That's the best version of white winter hymnal i've EVER heard!

Ohh, I'm sorry you're having trouble - I purchased the mp3 from and it's recently released and I guess not that well represented on youtube. Hopefully it should play in quality in the 8tracks mix; other than that, I'm not sure that you can actually buy a copy of it outside the UK at the moment, which is very unfortunate. Maybe I could email you a copy of it? If you give me your email address I can delete the comment right away and send you the file. :) By the way I agree, it's a gorgeous version!