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Age of Chivalry


I lie on a battlefield after the fray, under fire by grey rain, puddles serving up a soldier's broth of horse dung, crimson innards and trampled clover. I hear the wet metal groans of armour dismantled by those resourceful men left alive. They may come for me yet. This fine steel dented against my chest still shines, I think. By then I will be gone. Perhaps my final thought will be for God. But I think it will be for His Majesty, who saw the blow I dealt, when death came a breath's length from his throat. My honour intact, I lie here. In the soft red soil and the hard grey rain, honour is a ghostly thing. My ghost goes with it, out of this steel shell, my honour disembodied, back to the world of ideals, where it will be snatched back up again by some great hand.

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i just have to say how much i love the description. especially the line "In the soft red soil and the hard grey rain honour is a ghostly thing. my ghost goes with it (...)" it really puts me in the right mindset for listening.

ah these old fashioned musics brought me the beauty and greatness of those ages .sometimes i do cry when Im listening to them .somehow i wanted to be in middle ages and listen to these live . again beutiful and great . thank you