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Age of Epic


The heavens were ablaze with bloodfire and magic, and from boiling clouds rain fell hard in the vale. A single ash tree still stood in the chaos. It trembled under the storm.

With a finger stained by ink-black blood, the warrior touched a leaf. There would be a time for planting forests anew, he told himself.

There would be a time.

He gripped his blade once more, charging into the dragonfury and the fumes of sorcery, hope sparking like starlight from his sword.

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This is LITERALLY the best mix I have found on 8tracks for studying (and its long so that rocks too!). I wish there was a way to download it so I could listen to it when Wifi isn't available. Thank you so much!

This is seriously my favourite mix on the whole of 8tracks, it's given me so much motivation to write essays/do readings/study. Thank you!

I'm a little over an hour in and I've already found so many new favorites. This is my new go-to mix for my early morning study sessions. You are a gift to us mortals, thank you!