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Age of Fairytale


Fairytales are not escapism, not truly. The prince, the princess, the castles, the adventures, the magic, the battles and the mystery: all these are untamed fragments of our psyche, crafted into beautiful tales so that we can articulate our deepest hopes, or face our deepest fears. Long past childhood's waning, we should listen to these tales, lest we lose ourselves in the dark forest of adulthood.


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This is really helping me study for finals, even three years later after it was made. Really magical, thank you so much for making it! xx

My compliments on your description for this album. Adulthood as a dark forest puts me in mind of Dante - it's beautifully evocative.

This has been mentioned before, but "This is Neverland" is "Jai Ho". Soundcloud might have substituted the song you chose with another of theirs (this has happened to me so many times!). Just edit your list, go to the song, and make sure that the "soundcloud syncing" option is unchecked. I can give you more specific details if you need, but I think you've got this.

@Veggievore Ohh thanks for reminding me, there was quite a bit of fixing up to do in this mix, so hopefully it should all play properly now. Let me know if there are any problems.