39 comments on Air by Idril

figures that a mix from you would come up. has been awhile and decided to revisit some calmness. hope time has treated you well. bright blessings.

Beautiful Mix. Great music for my workday. Keeping me reflective and reminding me of the greater perspective scope of things. Thanks! :)

What a gorgeous playlist! Truly stunning! Thank you so much :) (Also, tip for any other studiers/writers out there: RainyMood.com for added background aesthetic. So gooood!) x

Absolutely love it! I want to thank a special friend for introducing this to me so when I study I can dive into my own world and get it done. much love!

This was absolutely perfect. I was looking for songs to put in a project for school and I had such a hard time deciding between the songs in this playlist! Thank you!

Thanks a lot Idril for your lovely presence on Earth and for these beautiful mixes of yours. Really love your music, energy and soul. Many good vibes your way! ;-)