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All around, the songs of Chu 四面楚歌


The King of Chu, Xiang Yu, was in a castle in the final round of the war with the Han. One night he awoke late to a beautiful yet awful sound. Outside the castle walls came a song from his native state of Chu ... His own people were camped amongst the Han enemy, and the King of Chu knew all was lost. He spent one last night with his favourite concubine, killed her to preserve her honour and rode into battle, killing dozens before finally being cut down.
9 tracks.

9 tracks
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The first song of this playlist stabbed me right in the heart, and I don't think I'll ever be the same after having heard it. How unimaginably beautiful and pure her voice is! I won't be able to truly rest until I somehow procure this song so that I may enjoy it at will. I thank you so much for your exceedingly beautiful playlists, you are one of my favorite users on the entire site.

Wow, thank you so much, I'm happy to have introduced you to this song, which I too adore. Her voice truly is a marvel isn't it? I felt exactly the same when I heard this song (the full title by the way is 相和歌—子衿['Your Collar]). Thank you again for listening, have a lovely day :)

The story is really impressive and very much alike myths of our old warriors. And of course the songs are impressive too.

Yeah it's a great story. You're from Turkey? I don't know the Turkish myths well. I must do some reading, as I love Turkish music!
Glad you enjoyed.