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All Hallows Evil

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Click on the magnifying glass that appears in the top right hand corner of the mix art and you should get the pic up in a new window so you can save it to your PC. I couldn't find a larger/better quality version than that one.

I...Just...I don't know what to say! All your mixes are so boss-level-amazing! Honestly, I visit 8tracks twice a day just in the hopes you and Kimtsan will present a new mix. I bow to you Queen Idril. I bow humbly at your feet.

azkaban, my favorite book of the series and perhaps my favorite movie of the series. nice choice. I'm trying to figure out if you're a griffindor or a raven's claw.

Yeah Azkaban is the best film visually in my opinion, the director has such a cool gothic vision for it. And the book is just classic.

Online Sorting Hats tell me I'm Ravenclaw! I'm way too chicken to be Gryffindor, much as I wish I were Hermione sometimes heheh.