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How long does a building stand before it falls?
How long does a contract last? How long will brothers

share the inheritance before they quarrel?
How long does hatred, for that matter, last?

Time after time the river has risen and flooded.
The insect leaves the cocoon to live but a minute.

How long is the eye able to look at the sun?
From the very beginning nothing at all has lasted.

- Gilgamesh


Feat. artists from many cultures.

  • Original Cello by Adam Hurst
  • . Ritual (Edited) by Azam Ali Music
  • 《على جبل سنجار》موسيقى وعود مصطفى زاير#كﻻرنيت خبيب حسين by Mustafa Zier
  • The End(OFFICIAL FULL SONG) by Lisa Gerrard
    'The End' by Lisa Gerrard
  • Bride Theme: Conclusion by The Syrian Bride
    'Conclusion' by Cyril Morin from 'The Syrian Bride'
  • Maryam by Armand Amar
  • Abraham's Tomb by Samuel Sim
  • mustaf zair by حضارة تحتضر2 ل مصطفى زايرCivilization was dying
  • Bab' Aziz - You Created The Night... (Featuring Sharmila Roy, Salar Aghilli) by Armand Amar
  • الا سواك by L'innaccessible
  • The Sound Of Civilization by Omar Bashir
    'The Sound of a Civilization - Mesopotamia' by Omar Bashir
  • Hymn to Ishtar by The Lyre Ensemble
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Just love your playlist! It's light on the ears, yet so deep! I'd been searching for slow basal earthy music and this made me happy. This is totally in my collections now. Takes me through the dunes and between stones... :) Btw, you might like this:

Go through an essay thanks to this and absolutely love that description/quote! Thanks for introducing me to great new (to me!) music always!

@Idril where do you get beautifully deep quotes like these from? I'd be delighted if you could provide me with a source

@pkmob Of course! I read broadly and one of the most deeply affecting poems I've read is Gilgamesh, the very first true masterpiece of literature. You can find the translation I've used on google books here: