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Ancient Warrior, Savage Gods


The grave is deep and the night is cold
The world's a skull-full of stinking mould
And I laugh at your little gods!

- Lin Carter, 'The Death-Song of Conan the Cimmerian'

20,000+ followers! Thanks to everyone and here's to a new year of more musical experiences. This is a kind of sequel to a mix I made 4 years ago (!) in my early days on 8tracks:

Featuring artists like Basil Poledouris, Clinton Shorter and Altan Urag.
Cover by Frank Frazetta

30 tracks
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I haven't checked back in here in a while miss katie. What a shame! This is instant love, and exactly what I need today. I am always impressed with your ears. *heart* I tried getting in touch with you through Gmail, but I assumed you were really busy wit your studies. I want to try and get a Duewet together with you and @noknow - It has been long overdue. I hope things are treating you well!!!

@Idril Hey katie! I just started one. Nick messaged me not too long ago saying he wanted to Duewet. I think we are ready. The background of the image is black with a gif of circles making a pretty seed of life pattern. It has our profile names in the title. :D I also let @noknow know about starting it. I cannot wait to begin working with you guys again!!

oh, I remember that mix! it was one of the first mixes I've heard from your collection. it's been awhile and I'm still love every single work even it is far from my musical tastes. wish you all the best in this year! hope you'll have plus 20,000 fans in the end of 2016 ;)

was given 3 Frank Frazetta first print books (when I was a teen) by my Dad so I was instantly drawn here.

@noknow Wow! Nice. I have been a massive fan for many years - I have over 50 reproductions of Frazetta's works on my wall that I can just get lost in. He was a master of the human form and scene composition, and the most visceral creator of imaginative worlds.