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Aos Sí


The Aos Sí (commonly pronounced 'ay-oss shee') are a magical people often referred to as 'fairy folk'. According to legend they now reside in a parallel universe, but once ruled over the island of Ireland.

(@jejbrown challenge: title your mix with the name of a mythical creature, tag your mix with '♪♫' and pick a song for each of the categories in the comments)

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I love that Lakme duet! I posted it also on a list: - my first introduction to that song was through a quirky, artsy 80's Canadian movie, "I've Heard the Mermaids Singing". You might like it?

Need some of Idril's sounds in mah ears and this looks like the ticket. DJ Okawari definitely has a Nujabes sound happening. It's love.

Nice to have you stopping by! I think DJ Okawari + Nomak + Tsunenori are my favourite 'Nujabes-vibe' artists. Gotta say I think at the moment Okawari is my favourite, although Tsunenori close second.