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Celestial Meditations


Psyche made a soft attempt at
Sheer apotheosis
Amidst the blissful wanderings
Of doctoral hypnosis
A theurgist she made herself
And mixed a brew of herbs
To clothe herself against the flames
Of heaven's vicious ardours.
But there the heavenly harmonies
Broke her fragile bones
And stripped her of humanity
Shed dragonskin upon the godly home.
And in her keenest ecstasy
She sparked the love of Musagetes
A higher hand to guide poor Psyche
And teach her astral, Mantic pathways.

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I had the pleasure of coming across this playlist while writing out a particularly stressful scholarship application, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I instantly felt better listening to it. Thank you so much for this absolutely transcendent playlist; you are a gift to anyone who enjoys music!

Scholarship applications are really the worst, believe me I know the feeling :( Best of luck with it! I'm just happy this helped relieved some of the stress and thank you for your kind comments :)

Hey, I was curious about the source of the poem. Googling only leads to this playlist. If you wrote it yourself, I must say it is very effective. Especially if I read it along with the first track rather slowly, I always get a shiver down my spine towards the end.

Sorry I somehow never saw your comment - yes I wrote the poem myself. I'm really glad you found it effective! I tried to make it in tune with the music as much as possible.

Because these tracks were very carefully selected for order and combination, I think I will leave this mix at its length now - but I will be making something similar in the near future :)

The poem opens the door for the music for me. And, I especially the use of Musagetes near the end of the poem.

I relate it to my current second semester of studying ancient Greek. Turns out taking Greek has affected my aesthetics; one being how the presence of language appears.

An example of this is your usage of Musagetes; a compound Greek-word.
In the Greek language there is a word muse (which we borrow for the word 'music'). I interpret music to mean a poetic ongoing feeling approaching. Beyond music, there is another verb transformation with the word agetes. It is the verb to convey taking or leading actions. With the ending you’ve used it conveys: you all are being led. Putting the two together it says ‘you all are being led by the Muses’.

I found out there is an ancient Greek connection to Apollo as Musagetes. Now, Apollo is known for many things, namely as the light bringer and the leader of the muses. But, it is further fascinating to think the Greeks found Apollo as the outward force or light god can only leads us to the muses (happiness).

I like to think the appearing man in the artwork is Apollo at work upon the worlds.

Yes yes yes ♥
I am studying ancient Greek whenever I have a little free time at the moment and it is a fascinating language with so much potential for layered signification. Plus I think we can still and always find much inspiration in the meanings of the Muses and Apollo and other ancient deities and celestial concepts.
Thank you for your insightful and thoughtful comment.