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Classic (Medieval & Renaissance)


12 tracks for enduring the merciless indifference of your beloved.

Final instalment in my series of 'Classic' mixes.

12 tracks
7 comments on Classic (Medieval & Renaissance)

amazing mix! absolutely wonderful selection of Medieval/Renaissance songs that carefully illustrate the favorite epoch. moreover, thanks for this cycle of classical music. it's pity, that there is no mix of contemporary classical or 20th century music. still I definetly know what I'll listening all this week ;)

Yes I did think of doing a contemporary classical mix and I probably will in time, but I'm not sure my knowledge is quite good enough to do it yet. :) Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy the rest in the series!

Glad you enjoyed, sorry about the technical issues with that! Ahh, I listened to some of the Tres Riches Heures series a few months ago now, but I haven't listened to the whole series, thanks for reminding me! They are truly lovely. I'm a medievalist so it definitely hits the spot. :)

I suspected you might have more than a passing interest in the middle ages; your passion & knowledge really shine through your all of your mixes though :)

Thanks for letting me know! Not sure why, m4a files don't seem to be uploading properly for me at the moment - so I've replaced them with mp3s, should work now! :)