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Classic (Opera)


12 opera pieces for passion and drama and soaring to the height of human feeling. Starting with mirth and fun and gradually delving into deeper and darker emotions.

12 tracks
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I might add that I expected to find some Bizet over here (maybe Carmen), I don't know why, I imagined it would be the kind of aria you would enjoy. (Side note: I'm not saying the mix is not PERFECT, I was just saying that I think you do like/would like that part) :)

Thanks for your lovely comments! I'm glad you enjoyed. And yes I did actually think about putting Bizet in here (I love Carmen!); in the end I decided against it because I'm planning to use a Bizet aria in another mix I'm working on. :)

Wonderful choices! I just stared at the ceiling and listened to it and it made me feel so 'touched'. I loved the fact that I hadn't heard most of the pieces before, you didn't just pick the ones which are great because everybody knows them, but also the ones which are great because they cut striaght through your feelings.