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Around him, crimson blurs from blood to flame,
He swings his sword in dislocated hand,
With frenzied crying of his nation's name,
He wreaks his boiling rage across her land.
And vomits life into the final stand.

Cover: Peter Paul Rubens's copy of Leonardo da Vinci's The Battle of Anghiari

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The first time I listened to Ma Vlast was in school. I loved it but I never got the name of the piece or the composer's. For years I've been trying to find it again and I finally did! I wasn't looking for it today but it was my lucky day, I guess. Thank you! It's a great mix <3

Ma Vlast (My Fatherland) is one of the most spectacular classical masterpieces for me. I still wonder when I will get tired from this epic work but finally come to think that never. and must say that your choice of covers is incredible.

It is a truly awesome piece of music. I think that's when you know a piece of music is genius, when it has so many layers to it that you can always discover something new to love. I'm glad you like the covers, I find this one particularly powerful - the chaos of war is depicted so well with the crowded composition of the horses and soldiers.