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Commerce & Delight


Music you might have heard in Dutch/Flemish lands in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Full of ingenuity, innocence, whimsy, worry, sobriety, silliness, the mundane and the magnificent. Nicely accompanies gazing at the Dutch Golden Age master artists.

Cover by Jan Steen, 'The Robbed Violinist'

22 tracks
4 comments on Commerce & Delight

Just finishing a book about an ill fated East India-man that pairs immaculately with this playlist. Thanks for all the great mixes!

@robert-b-108116 Fantastic, sounds like an interesting read and I always like to hear of people reading while listening to my playlists (I always listen to music while reading and try to make the perfect music-story connection!).

@giannamxoxo Thank you soo much! I'm really glad you like it - this is kind of an obscure theme, Dutch Golden Age, at least here on 8tracks, but I've been really inspired by it for so long and collecting tracks to complete it. I wanted to share my passion for this era through its delightful music!

@Idril @giannamxoxo I'm very grateful to you for compiling beautiful playlists of Renaissance music! I love that era so much, and I think people don't listen to this music enough. Thank you!