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Daenerys II


'This is an evil place, a haunt of ghosts and maegi. See how it drinks the morning sun? Let us go before it drinks us as well.'

A retelling in music of Daenerys' story in book 2, A Clash of Kings.

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8 comments on Daenerys II

I just read her passage through the House of the Undying Ones with this mix. Whew, talk about stirring! You've created some major transportive power on this mix. Can't wait to check out your others once I get there!

i've been thinking for a while, that once all 7 books are finally out (like in 20 years or something) it would be interesting to read through the whole series but as one character at time. especially for dany, jon, arya, and tyrion.

Irfan and Zack Hemsey - such favourites. Hemsey's quite a new discovery of mine but perfect for an epic, adventurous mood! And naturally, DCD :)
I would definitely like to try reading the books like that, they could release self-contained novels with just the one POV; it would actually give you quite a different 'vibe' to reading them all together I think.

yeah, can't you just imagine just seeing the world thru arya's or jon's eyes? anyway, just wanted to let you know I loved all 4 mixes, but I think this one was my fave.

just a little fyi follow up, I've been listening to a lot of GoT and especially Daenerys mixes and I gotta say, (if I say so myself) yours and mine are by far the best. :)