11 comments on Desert Meditation by Idril

Uohooou! I'm the dancer of the cover of this mix, and I have to tell you I'm flattered, as I love all the mixes I've heard from your profile XD

wow. so in addition to opening my ears and heart to some beautiful sounds, this opening track also opened my throat. incroyable. you really do have an incredible selection of tunes and i've enjoyed all that i've found. would you do me the honor or making a Duewet sometime? perhaps we can find a theme that combines tribal and epic. if so i hope you'll drop me an email to nokdeez at gmail dot com but regardless please know how blessed i feel to enjoy your selection of sounds!

This mix is exactly what I needed this morning! I love the string arrangements on the first few songs - totally hypnotic. Great percussion overall too - I actually saw Zakir Hussain and Mickey Hart with "Global Drum Project" a few years ago. They started the show by playing beats on the amplified trunk of an old tree... anyways, hope to hear more of your stuff!

Wow, I would love to see Zakir Hussain and Mickey Hart - the trunk of a tree? That sounds magic! So glad you enjoyed the mix, my 'Dancing in the Desert' is kind of similar although more upbeat, you might like to check it out. Thanks for listening! :)

I love this Mix.I am however going a little batty trying to find Circle Chant(Bolero)By Peter Archer. Gypsy Caravan,Re:Markably:Re:Mixed.I have searched amazon to begin with.Do you know where I might find this and more like it?