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I kind of wanted to make a Tarantino mix, but I didn't want to just copy his genius selections. So I made my own.

An imagined soundtrack for an imagined Tarantino-esque film with a cast of characters and range of landscapes from the Old West to Japan, Lebanon to Mexico. Weird but it works for me somehow (you be the judge!).
Featuring an array of artists such as Fairouz, Ennio Morricone and Kyu Sakamoto.

Cover: Salma Hayek and Tahar Rahim, photo by Youssef Nabil

24 tracks
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@Idril an epic playlist! Basically this and all of your collections are my go 2 for work, studying, writing and reading! 8 Tracks #1 creator!! Merci :)

As a die-hard Tarantino fan, I have to admit - you completely captured QT's style and taste. What a wonderful and melodious mix. Thank you, Idril. :)

This playlist actually prompted me to sign up to 8tracks just so I could heap kudos on Idril for her eclectic sensibilities ! This is the second evening in a row I've enjoyed the mix, Mille grazie!!