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Fantastic Beasts


For intrepid natural scientists exploring the most perilous regions of the globe in search of splendid discoveries. Golden adventure music, with some wondrous, mysterious and of course magical sounds along the way...

Featuring composers like Alexandre Desplat, Dario Marianelli and Bruno Coulais.

18 tracks
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Oh wow, I haven't heard "When Harry Kissed Ginny" in so long.... major nostalgia, I forgot how beautiful that song was. This is a really lovely mix, you've picked songs that I'm so happy to be introduced to, and they all fit together nicely. Thank you!

@fieldsmeadowsfields That track! Soo beautiful and nostalgic. Thanks for listening :) I might have to make another Fantastic Beasts mix when the movie comes out!

How is it even possible, that I listen to this playlist at least three times a day since 'bout a month and I still love it as much as when I first listened to it? This must be true love, I guess... <3

This playlist is perfect- it really gives a sense of wonder and happiness :) it's a cold rainy day rn but this makes it amazing

Katie!! This mix... It is just so perfect! I am studying for my apple cert right now and I cannot have picked a better playlist of yours. This is helping so much! Thank you. <3 By the way, we still need to do a little collab soon. After this Friday (test day), I will have some free time. :)

@nulkmad @nulkmad Ohh thanks so much :) And best of luck with your apple cert! I've been pretty swamped with work too but whenever you've got some free time just let me know and we can start working on something :) I love A Steampunk Orchestra, it always gets me feeling happy and adventurous.