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golden reverie


Some of my absolute favourite hypnotically peaceful tracks from all around the world.

Songs and instrumentals from India, Mongolia, Uganda, Tunisia, Kenya, Turkey, Cuba, Ireland, Tibet and Greece.
(in that order, if you're curious).

Cover: Detail from
(Ottoman School ca. 1500-1550)

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10 tracks
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There is something so hopeful and inspiring when hearing beautiful music from around the world. I am left speechless. THANK YOU for putting these enchanting tunes together!

@hrlptl94 You're welcome! I know, it just reminds me how many beautiful and diverse sounds the human race is capable of creating! It gives me hope.

@asaree Really? 8tracks is telling me they are there still :/ Oh I just don't know what to do about all this... :( I won't take it down unless I it's completely ruined, and thanks so much for your support and love for this mix :)

This is without a doubt my favourite playlist on all of 8tracks. Particular props to your selection of Kothbiro and Fey Oh Di Nou. So much love to you and your A++++ music taste babycakes

I've just started listening, and I'm already thousands of miles away^^ thanks for. making me. discover wonderful songs I would have never heard otherwise! ( I absolutely love Dancer in the darkness, it's breathtaking! )