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Lips are drawn upon her face in come-to-me tattoo.
Creamy suntan color that fades when she bathes.
Paper dresses catch on fire and you lose her in the haze.
Don't ever change lady, he likes you that way...
Made for each other. Made in Japan.
Woman with a greasy heart, automatic man.
- Jefferson Airplane

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I'm so glad you like this too! I have made a mix with a similarish vibe to these - more mellow and melancholy than this one but with some similar elements. It's called 'Waving Goodbye to Sakura', my most recent published. If you get a chance to listen, hope you enjoy :)

tasty mix! many thanks for creating such stirring playlists and even more thanks for sharing them!!!! was hooked when Phnom Chisor Serenade came on. :-)

Glad you are enjoying! All right just for you since these songs are pretty difficult to come across, if you gimme an email address I will send you a zip file :) (I'll delete the comment with the email address on it straight after you post it so no spam)