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Greatest Soundtracks of 2017


Re-live all the adventures, trials and triumphs of the past year through the incredible music produced by the top composers working in film/TV/video games.

What was your favourite soundtrack of the year?!

Features Ramin Djawadi,John Williams and Hans Zimmer.

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(abridged version)

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6 comments on Greatest Soundtracks of 2017

Conspicuously absent is Murray Gold's work from last year. His work, though it will take yet another second of eternity to release, was also marvellous. I recommend you look up the Unreleased Score for Twice Upon A Time, as done by EMS Productions, on YouTube.

Had such a fun time listening to this mix! Blade Runner 2049, Fargo, and A Ghost Story were my highlights. I can't decide whether 2016 was a better year for soundtracks - I might just have to listen to that playlist again! :P

@asingsongbird Good picks! I'm glad you enjoyed and yeah I can't decide either whether this was a stronger year than 2017. Thanks for commenting :D

Idril - you were one of my favoyrite things about 8tracks.. and then 8tracks closed playing in other parts of the world.. its been more than a year and then I remembered that you mentioned at some point somewher that you have a spotify presence as well.. came into work this morning - logged into 8tracks - looked you up (on my liked playlists) and foundy our spotify page.. thank you so much for what you do.. I miss 8tracks a lot for what it gives - human playlists will always trump algo.. iagain, thanks to you, I will be buying spotify family as I want your music played at my home all day long while I am away for my wife and kids.. are you on Patreon?

@spiffler Thanks so much for your kind words. I miss the days when 8tracks was available to all so badly! It is really sad. But I am trying my best to find other ways of sharing the music and imagination still - so I am curating playlists on Spotify too as best I can (this can be difficult as I sometimes use rare music that isn't available on Spotify, but most of my mixes will go up there). I am also on another site, Mixcloud, though it takes a while to create mixes there so I can be a little slow with putting them all up. But hopefully one way or another you will be able to listen and I am very very happy to have a returning listener! I never even thought of having a Patreon to be honest! :D

@maxjpeters @spiffler Well I set up an account and put a short version of this mix on there (since there is a 15 track limit). I'll try and upload future mixes on as many platforms as I can :)

@maxjpeters @Idril brilliant.. account made and following you on playmoss.. looks promising! @Idril you should really consider Patreon.. ill be happy to kick it off haha