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heat haze


“In heated rooms, he often felt the outlines of his body, the border between him and the external world, grow disturbingly fuzzy.”
― Ryū Murakami

Music for heated rooms.

7 tracks
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Hey, nice to see you round here! Reminds me I've been meaning to listen to your Welcome to Night Vale mix for ages now.

:) I was hoping you'd find that one. I think you'll like it. are you a fan of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast.

It's really hot in England at the moment and I just can't stop listening to these kinds of sounds - perfect for the hazy, blurry feeling of a heatwave. Glad you enjoyed! Oh and I cannot wait to check out your assassin mix - already I can tell it's going to be perfect (especially for writing!)

here the same weather! it's very very nice mix for being distanced from some working stuff and at the same time diving inside summer heat. my top tracks in this mix are No Diggity (lazy lo-fi sound), My Man (Toro y Moi Remix), Gold (just gold track!) and of course XXYYXX (discovered him when was in process of making The Withing Hour). ok, all tracks are gold here!

I hope you'll not disappointed! I'm sure that you know most of tracks there but still some might be new. and it's for writing, no doubt.

Yeah, No Diggity is just such a great track, I had to use it to start the mix (I remember the original version of that song when I was younger and I loved it even then..). XXYYXX is a really chill and absorbing artist and I find him perfect to lay back and relax with. I'm so glad you enjoyed this mix; your musical tastes are varied and excellent :)