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hunting mythic beasts, laying waste to cities


Let me boast of what I have done. The fame of my power is spread far and wide.

No one can name a city I have not devastated.

The high point of my great deeds is the culling of lions before the lance as if they were garden weeds, the snapping of fierce felines like reeds.

Why should a singer put my deeds in hymns?

An eminent example deserves eternal fame.

(paraphrase of a praise poem of Shulgi, ancient Sumerian king)

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I LOVE this mix.
Excellent taste of music. I started from your mix "The moon in an evening garden" just to do the daily yoga and I fall in love with your mixes. Then I found this one and it's very close to my heart. I've listened this with my boyfriend and he asked me "what is this song? I think that's I'm playing and singing" and we discovered that is true :) (he's one of the Masala musicians). So BIG thanks for sharing Masla music.

Now we are both fans of your mixes :) All the best lady, greetings from Poland. Keep sharing with people your incredible taste of music.

Thank you so much for your comment! How great that your boyfriend is one of the Masala musicians; I love that track so much and I am very happy to share the love. I hope they are very successful!
Not to self-promote, but I have a lot of mixes so if you are trying to search for others with an 'ethnic' flavour you might like these:
or maybe
More to come in future :) And thanks again for your lovely comment.

Yay, thx for the mixes, I saw on your profile that you made 164 mixes and i though that takes ages to listen to :). So now I have 6 ethnic to listen.

Anyway, we say : big big thx for your mixes, it's beautiful how we can discover new music from all over the world (and when person who made the mixes has similar taste of music - that is the best)

This not just another oriental fusion mix. I have checked out many on this site, and none seemed to have been put together carefully, or with good taste. This is perfect, though. Each single song seems to have been chosen deliberately. I'm from Egypt, so I tend to be picky about oriental sounds, and this is awesome! Thank you for your awesome mixes.

Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad you enjoyed this, especially since you're from Egypt and I'm sure very picky about these sounds! Yes I put a lot of thought into this one, I suppose I just wanted to tell a story with it.

I have to admit, first, that I wouldn't have checked out this mix if it weren't for my NaNoWriMo novel, but now that I have, I just want to say that it is absolutely stunning, like the rest of your mixes.

Well there you go, that's another great thing about NaNoWriMo, not only does it get you writing, it encourages listening to new kinds of music! I'm glad you found something you liked here :D Thanks for listening!!

Aw hell yeah, didn't even have to flip back to this tab to tell that Niyaz was now playing. Haven't gone all through this mix yet but if you haven't heard of Tinariwen or Group Inerane yet then definitely check them out, classic desert scales'n'beats done on mostly on modern gear and well done at that!

Anything Azam Ali-related has my soul. I looove Tinariwen, but I am shamed to say I don't know Group Inerane. I will check them out.