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I desire, I need


Melancholic longings,
On nights a lifespan's walk away from home.
Her face, her scent (sweet mint and molasses),
Her moth-flutter eyelids
Across so many breath-lengths.
I want, I desire, I need.
Don't doubt me,
Please don't doubt me,
Or I will doubt myself.

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4 comments on I desire, I need

you my dear have created perfection, once again! thank you for being born and remain blessed forever! STAY GOLDEN!

I am really loving this mix! Especially "Snowflake". It encapsulates both the beauty and sadness of winter. The falling of the snowflakes, pure white, feeling the crunch of them beneath your shoes, yet knowing that ultimately it is an end. The earth must be razed for life to return.

What a beautiful, accurate description! I hope it snows soon. I will be listening to 'Snowflake' when it does. And glad you're enjoying the mix!