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Idril's Secret Way


100th mix.

Foreboding crept upon Idril's spirit as a cloud. Therefore in that time she let prepare a secret way, that should lead down from the city and passing out beneath the surface of the plain... and she contrived it that the work was known but to few...
{The Silmarillion}

Some of my favourite music ever.
A tale of spiralling into sublime, solitudinous escape, known but to the few who wonder and wander.

23 tracks
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Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn, Idril! Thank you for making this mix. May the blessings of Elves, and Men, and all Free Folk go with you :)

Oh by the way, have you ever checked out CommodoreCreazil's mixes? I'm listening to Girls of the Neath right now and his (her?) mix style reminds me of you. :P

Thanks for listening kimtsan! Ohh I adore CommodoreCreazil's mixes, so that is nice to hear haha XD The CommodoreCreazil station kind of introduced me to steampunk, which I hadn't really known much about before but now love. Girls of the Neath is one of the best!