14 comments on In Old Books by Idril

I'm a designer/illustrator and am currently working on several projects with Medieval themes - THIS IS PERFECT INSPIRATION! THANKS :)

Since I write fantasy to many of my mixes (I often make them as a tool to help me envision scenes), it always makes me smile when someone else does too :) Thanks for commenting.

great mix! the greek traditional song was a pleasant surprise. I always thought that traditional greek music, of the northern part of the country in particular, has many similarities with celtic music. Perhaps it's the musical instruments they use. Or maybe it's just in my head :) Anyway, thanks a lot!

I discovered that song from several recordings of it made by Jordi Savall and his family (who are some of my favourite musicians in the world) - I think it's absolutely wonderful! I definitely had to include it :) Well, I am Irish and love Celtic music a lot so maybe if there are similarities, my ears are hearing them and that's why I love both! Many thanks for listening and commenting.

the same old long medieval mix. perfect for rainy autumn days and working evenings. and many unique tracks make this collection one of the most intriguing on this site. many many thanks!

Thanks - yes there's something so fun about building a big fat medieval mix! I tried to keep this one as authentic as possible to make it a full explorations of the diversity of styles in early music.