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Intergalactic Fantastic!


Music for spaceship-hopping bounty hunters laser-gunning their way through hordes of androids, for bikini-clad girls stealing artefacts from human-sacrificing temples, for cantinas filled with shady aliens, for villainous seductresses in the sleazy alleyways of a city in the clouds, for semi-cyborg knights on hover boards, for the severed winking heads of statues from an ancient civilization, for lovable creatures of all shapes and shades, for green-skinned alien babes dancing by the light of seven moons, for warriors clad in loin cloths wielding mighty blades, for multi-coloured space explosions!

Kitsch sci-fi and fantasy soundtracks with synth, jazz, rock or other elements, with John Williams, Mark Mothersbaugh and Toto. Epic! But a lot of fun ;)

Cover art: Barbarella (1968)

31 tracks
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Thanks for making this a gem everyone :D I am excited that people appreciate this one as I had SO MUCH fun making it.