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Kiss me as the world ends

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Love it. On the Ali Project, Gothic Opera, what is the name of the song? It's in kanji letter and I can't read what it says, on what the name of the song is :( Please tell me.

i really enjoy losing myself in this exceptional music some light some dark and all emotions in-between I never want this list to end I love it so much.

oops I accidentally pressed send before i finished my comment (sorry!!) i was wondering what the old picture on the mix was? it was such a beautiful image

Thanks so much for your comment(s)! :) Ahhh the old pic... it got deleted in 8tracks' switchover to a new image server and I can no longer find it on my computer so I have no idea! :'( This makes me sad, I wish I could find it because I agree it was beautiful. Sorry! If I find it again I will let you know (and replace it as the cover art here).

hello! this has been one of my favorite mixes - it really is so full of the different feelings of a passionate love.

Love it! I am in love with your mixes. I really enjoy the touch of darkness and beauty you put into each of them. Keep up the good work!

Aw thank you :D
Darkness and beauty..I think you've put your finger on exactly what I try to achieve in my mixes, thanks for listening so keenly ^^