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❀ la primavera ❀


An extravaganza of spring-themed early classical music, both instrumental and vocal. A festive, amorous and pastoral collection.
Perfect for your spring picnics, walks through the woods and meadows, warm evening dinners in the garden, or staring out your study window at the first blossoming of flowers.

Cover: La Primavera (Spring) by Sandro Botticelli, detail

25 tracks
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idril, I have no idea who you are or how you have the time to make so many diverse mixes, but. ... I thank you. I enjoy them and am glad to follow a person with a more eclectic taste for music than my own. I can only imagine you are well traveled. I hope your journey is filled with wonder and enjoyment.

I'm seriously considering studying art history, even when I'm at the science college and it will be hard to make such a change, and all your playlists are seriously encouraging me to do it. Thank you very much, really.

@claratorre1 Wow, that sounds like a big decision and I just encourage you to follow what will truly make you happy and fulfilled! Art history is a wonderful and fulfilling subject with so much to inspire the imagination and intellect. Best of luck :)

@@sther92 Thank you! The picture is a detail of the elaborate dress of the goddess Flora, who is a personification of spring, in Botticelli's famous 'La Primavera' painting. Not only is the pattern on her dress floral but she is holding more flowers in her skirts, symbolising the abundance and beauty of the season

An exquisite collection! I marvel at how accurately were baroque composers able to capture the freshness and bloom of the season :)

@Titania Fairyqueen I know, they just had such an ear for the vibrancy of the season, it's wonderful. Thank you for listening, Fairy Queen! (notice one of the Purcell tracks here celebrates your 'husband' Oberon's birthday!).