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Ladies of Folk


An annotated collection of some of the most inspiring, fierce, passionate, intelligent, experimental, awe-inspiring female singer-songwriters in folk.

Spanning the 60s to the present day, juxtaposing formative iconic artists with contemporary (often underrated) artists.

Joanna Newsom, First Aid Kit, Joni Mitchell, and many more.

All songs both written and performed by women (including covers unless it's traditional, in which case who knows).

Cover: Joanna Newsom -

30 tracks
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this may be my new favorite mix on 8tracks. this is absolute pure gold and introduced me to a lot of great artists i will definitely investigate further. thanks for the amazing music!

Thank you so much for this mix! I can't even put into words how I feel about it - but suffice to say that it's lovely and addictive and educational.

I love all of your mixes, but I especially love your mixes with educational annotations! You continue to be my favourite mixer on 8tracks!

Absolutely beautiful mix! Thank you! Is the melody from "Dives and Lazarus" a traditional (Irish) one? It reminds me of another song but I can't put my finger on it.

@erzrabe Yes it is! You might know it from 'Star of the County Down'. It is an old melody that has been used for a number of different ballad lyrics. This is the fluid nature of folk music! :)

@Idril Thank you so much for your reply! :) I do know it from 'Star of the County Down' (sung by Loreena McKennitt, in my case). But no matter how, I really enjoy listening to this melody.