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Lady Alchemy, The Warlock's Mistress


A tale of passion, black magic and obsessive devotion in a dark corner of the academy.

Art: Portrait of Diana Kirke - Peter Lely 1665

16 tracks
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It's raining in LA, I'm trying to write, but the cat keeps walking on the keyboard. (She's the worst collaborator ever, all of her ideas involve small birds and she can't spell to save her nine lives.) My mother-in-law is in the other room reading Stephen King, so the setting is just south of surreal as it is. To say that this was the perfect sound track to my morning is not an overstatement. I LOVED this mix, and except for "Welcome to Rapture" I hadn't heard of any of these artists before. (And to add to the surrealish ness ("surrealitude?) I just finished playing "BioShock" like two weeks ago... I know, I know, I'm a bad geek.) Thank you Idril, I'll be checking out all of your mixes and buying every 16 Horsepower record I can find.

What a wonderful scene! I love comments like yours; I love to know how any mix I make plays out in people's lives. I just want to enhance those weird little moments of life! Happy writing. :D