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libertines and misfits


Songs for oddities, curiosities, relics, freaks, dandies, carnivalesque saloons and victorianesque alleyways.
Featuring artists like CocoRosie, Susanne Sundfør and Agnes Obel.

Cover by Andreas Franke,
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13 tracks
8 comments on libertines and misfits

What version of Patrick Wolf's Libertine did you use for this mix? It's not the same one that's on the album and I can't find this version anywhere!

@ospreyghost It's from 2012 album Sundark and Riverlight. I think it is a compilation album. I found it on Amazon. Hope you can get your hands on it!

Hey thanks so much for bringing CocoRosie back into my life! I'd forgotten about them for ages. Also, your mixes are some of my most re-played mixes on here ^__^

Oh gosh, this mix is just awesome! I need more like this. Truly, each song was rhytmic in just the exact way I like it. Very nice and very pleasant to my ears. Good job, Idril. :)

@beatrix.acs Ohh thank you! Yes these songs are exactly the kind of rhythmic power that I adore, so I thought they went perfectly together.