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Mapping the Heavens from East to West


A Muslim and a Christian scientist meet in fourteenth century Spain to discuss astrolabes, and how best to map the stars of their Gods.

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Like all your mixes, this is great! You really have a gift! It's sad that Jews get left out of the story, though, since Jewish scholars' translations were the primary means by which Western Christians encountered the Muslim world's science and philosophy, and since convivencia Spain offered Jews a window relatively free of persecution, which has been rare in the past 2,000 years.

@neomeris Hey, thanks for your comment - actually you're completely right, I think back when I made this mix I had been planning an entire separate mix dedicated to Sephardic Jewish music (some of the most beautiful I know), so I left them out of this one. I should really make that (or another along these lines with all three cultures) soon! I always have too many plans for them all to materialise but you've inspired me now.