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Meet me where the incense smoke trails away


Beats influenced by Chinese and Japanese music with some neo-traditional stuff as well; seriously beautiful and chilled. Many of these artists can be found on youtube or soundcloud and are unsigned.
12 tracks including Yoshida Brothers, Incubus and Astrex.

16 tracks
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it's kinda late now, i've already painted it... if i do ever find the model or photographer i will definitely give credit... it's annoying they haent given credit to such a pretty picture but i have to say, though i don't know who she is, i am a fan of this model!!

where did you get the image for this mix? i love this mix and i would like to paint the model for a project but i at least want to know who she is and ask for permission if i can...

Wow. Easily the best mix I've heard on 8tracks thus far. It's giving me inspiration to write a film as we speak. Thank you!