24 comments on Orchestral Legends by Idril

2 days ago I played the Polovtsian dances and the William Tell overture and I was very pleasantly surprised to hear them in this playlist! I also love all the other music on here :) good job!

@mazarins Oh no! That's terrible, thanks for letting me know. Sometimes I just don't know what to do on 8tracks...If anyone else has a similar problem do chime in! :(

using this to get me through a ton of english summer work, as others have said. thanks so much for uploading, its a huge help!!

Ah, polovtsian dances! And what a beautiful performance of it. That's a special favorite piece for me; I'm glad to see it curated here!

Just sublime! So glad you continue to make new mixes, you seem to put a lot of emotion and dedication into them. It shows!