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Salt and Frost


With teeth on steel and steel on bone
We drive our ships and bounty home
With crash of wave and battle cry
Withstand, withstand or standing, die.

Cover: Viking Ship by Edward Burne-Jones

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Authentic sound, beautiful poetry in the description, and gorgeous cover. This is really a perfect mix. Thank you !

Oh, everywhere! I am always looking for it, I suppose. For example, if I am studying ancient Norse/writing a story about Viking culture, then I will search far and wide on the internet for appropriate music and when you dig deep enough, it's usually out there!

Amazing mix, almost perfect in fact. Even using today's artists, I could feel the classic music of the people that had the hammer of the gods among them.

Brilliant! I used modern artists that I feel truly do listen to the sounds and spirits of the past and show how they can still be powerful and relevant in the present.