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Science Fiction Epic


Spaceships, alien civilisations, time travel, dystopia, the apocalypse, intergalactic politics and war...and always, always, the numberless shining stars...

Get ready for the biggest adventure in the universe.

Cover: from 'Elysium'

78 tracks
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*happy sobbing* this is fantastic and you're fantastic. It's epic and glorious, and then there's Never Forget or the DS9 theme for added emotions. Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing mix-- you've truly gathered all the best music into one wonderful *~space~*.

@greatmaybe Thanks so much for your comment! XD I should make another space themed mix at some point, this one was so fun to make and took me on a wonderful journey through all those amazing soundtracks.

I listened to this playlist while reading Andy Weir's The Martian and it was the perfect soundtrack to the story. Thanks for the awesome playlist!

I write a lot of science fiction and this is a really amazing playlist to write to, it's so good for getting my mind in the zone and it means I don't have to swap playlists when I write for hours on end. So thank you and keep up the awesome work!!

Great mix. You pretty much hit all of the sci-fi bases I could've hoped for. You even included children of dune and stargate. Wonderful.