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searching for a paradise

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nossa, se superou, como sempre... acompanho tudo que você publica aqui e admiro muito. indico pra amigos e todos adoram... parabéns, keep on, youre awesome! fill my days with joy! beijos do brasil! :)

I'm stuck in my room working, but this mix makes me feel like I'm somewhere else, in a sunny, warm beach with the sea breeze caressing my face. Thank you so much, Idril! ;)

Will you talk about the picture with this playlist. I'm supposing it's taken on the south side of one of the Hawaiian Islands. Will you talk a little bit about this photograph?

@Teacup Storm I believe it's taken in Hawaii, but all the information I can find about it is just in the link in the description I'm afraid. I do think it's a wonderful photo.